Sevenoaks Community Centre MUGA

Customer Request

The client requested an extension to an existing Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at a community centre in Kent.

Job Description

The job involved overlay of an area of 414.25m2 where the existing MUGA was, which required a ‘clean-up’ before overlaying, along with the extended area of the MUGA, which was 397m2 and installation of a 26m Retaining Wall. We excavated to reduce the levels and compacted, installed geotextile membrane and compact Type 1 to make up the levels and compact the filling. The extension to the MUGA then had 20mm Open Texture Base Course laid at 40mm thick. The whole ‘new’ area of 811m2 was completed with a 6mm Courtmaster Surface Course. We then installed a 4m High MUGA Fencing.